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Jesus Christ

Meaning of the name Jesus Christ

     Jesus in Hebrew is Yeshua which is the name for the Lord, the creator God. In English the spelling of Yeshua is "Joshua" and is also known as "Jesus."
     The name "Christ" comes from the Greek word "christos" meaning "anointed" like Messiah in Hebrew meaning "the anointed one of God."

Who is Jesus Christ?

     God created Adam the first man. But when Adam disobeyed God by eating the fruit of the God forbidden tree sin came into mankind. God is a righteous judge, so every wrongdoing must be punished, a price has to be payed. Hence in ancient days whenever anyone sinned they sacrificed animals as a compensation for their wrongdoings. But sins separated man from the presence of the holy God.
     Though we all have sinned the creator God loved us so much that Jesus Christ said in the Bible John 3:16 "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life."
     The son of the Living God is Jesus Christ who was born sinless through a virgin, lived sinless & was sacrificed on the cross for the sins of the whole world and arose again from the dead on the third day. So now whoever repentes for their sins & believes that Jesus Christ is the son of the Living God will be saved into eternal life by the grace of God only & not by any of our good deeds or sacrifices.

Why Jesus

     Bible(NIV) states in Romans 5:19 "For just as through the disobedience of the one man the many were made sinners, so also through the obedience of the one man the many will be made righteous."
    Attaining salvation or eternal life or a good life after death is most essential for all of us. The Bible teaches us in Acts 2:21(NIV) "And everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved."    So to be saved we should believe in the one & only almighty unseen Living God and nothing else. He created us, this world & everything. Yes He is very much alive, He talks to everyone who calls on (obeys, prays & loves) Him. It's very easy and free for everyone to experience the Lord to know more about the creator God read the Bible start from Genesis. Three simple steps to be saved.

Why Jesus?

     During ancient times when man feared nature like lightning, death, famine etc. and was eagerly searching for the super power God. So man created many gods with wood, stones and metal like silver & gold, few also worshiped God's creations like cow, rat, snake, sun, man etc. How can a created become or make an image and call it the creator God who gives us life. So if all the idols are not true then who is God?
     The living God who created us first created Adam the first man who ate the fruit of the God's forbidden tree and disobeyed the creator God. God is a righteous judge so every sin requires punishment as per law hence animals were sacrificed as sin offerings. God loved man and to set man free from the bondage of sin sent his son Jesus Christ to be sacrificed for all our sins. Jesus was born sinless through a virgin, lived holly and died on the cross and arose again on the third day. He is alive even today. You can experience Jesus even today.
     Jesus was God who lived in this earth as a man in flesh and blood like us and suffered through all the pains and problems of this world. So Jesus know all our pains and problems. Here is a gist of problems faced by Jesus.

Jesus knows your pains - He experienced Pain

Jesus was born in a mangerJesus experienced poverty & hunger.
His father died when He was young – He experienced the loss of loved ones.
He was the eldest son & a carpenter – He worked to provide for His family of over 6 members.
His travelled from place to place by foot to share the good news - Thirst, hunger, pain etc.
His close friend deceived Him – He experienced being cheated by close friends.
He was falsely accused – He experienced false acquisition after doing good.
He was whipped and people spat on his face – He even experienced humiliation.
He was beaten & crucified on the cross-He experienced extreme pain & died.
He was buried in a tomb – He did not have a place of his own to be buried.
Jesus arose again from the dead on the third day – Jesus is alive & He loves you

        Jesus experienced all our pains & struggles of life - Jesus is alive today, He is God - Jesus will set you free. Just try Jesus

How can I believe Jesus, I cannot see Jesus if He is alive today?
         The creator God is alive, talk to Him and He will communicate back to you.
When I could not get rid of my bad habits at last I sincerely prayed to Jesus. He was so gentle to set me totally free, I don't even remember how & when I stopped my habits. Now I am very happy each day I talk to Him and He leads me through the problems of my life. What a friend. I challenge you to try Jesus He will never disappoint you. But

How to talk to Jesus? - How to Pray?
         From a quiet place just close your eyes (only to avoid distractions) and talk to Jesus just like how you talk to your father, spread out your burdens, needs, situations etc and ask Him to help you. He will never disappoint you because Jesus has promised in Bible Matthew 7:7-8 "Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.8 For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened."

What to talk to Jesus? - What to Pray?
         You can talk to Him whatever you need.
         If you have doubt about Jesus ask Him?
         You have any issues ask Jesus for help, healing, peace in family, financial issues, for knowledge etc. Don’t ask Jesus selfish things like which lottery number will give success or to hurt someone etc.
         Jesus may answer immediately or He will surely answer you in some other way at the right time. Remember He is also The All Mighty Living God, He is not a man to disappoint you, just expect His answer for sure He will answer and you will know it clearly. He speaks through a strong urge in your mind or clearly through dreams or visions etc in a way that is apt just for you.
        I experience Him daily and have also confirmed with many. He is God He knows all your motives, desires & intentions.
         Jesus never avoids anyone who seeks Him. Whatever wrong you have done, whatever is your condition He knows you very well so don't worry. Just Try Jesus.

How can I be sure that the answer was from Jesus? Could it not be a coincidence or an illusion?
         The Living God who created us is very wise and clear in whatever He does. Jesus knows how to communicate to you. His mode of communication varies but you will know for sure when He communicates to you after all we are His creation.

         When I was a young boy of about 14 years old I believed & accepted Jesus Christ. As I grew stronger into my youth I got sidetracked but Jesus did not let me perish. Some strong urge was there in me that my desires and deeds were wrong. So I tried all out to overcome my bad habits with all my abilities but I failed miserably even after my best efforts. Then one day I gave up & prayed to Jesus saying that I was sorry for my wrong deeds and asked Jesus to help me out. In His love & mercy I don’t even remember when, how and where my bad habits have gone. Jesus set me free. Now it's over ten years since though I am not rich financially I am very happy in my heart just because Almighty Jesus is there beside me. All my needs are met at the right time just affirming God's hand in everything. Whenever I pray to Him for help Jesus is there. Jesus provides all my needs. So I am free from tension & fear of tomorrow etc. I have no bad dreams as before but only peaceful sleep just because I trust Jesus and He has never let me down. Yes there are problems in my life but Jesus is there every time, when we pray and He provides help.
         I discussed with many believers who asked Jesus for help they have all confirmed me about similar experience. They are all very happy and Blessed too. Now I have found a true Friend in Jesus Christ on whom I can trust.
         Why don't you just try Jesus. The creator is just there like air, sunlight or rain which is free for all. If you want to enjoy this peaceful happy life then just believe in Jesus and ask Him to help you, it's very easy and absolutely free like sunlight. Watch this small video and pray the prayer.

        For more information on salvation click this link how to be saved and for any information or prayer request write to us.

May the Grace of Jesus Christ be with you forever.

Salvation is essential for eternal live, It's God's Free Gift, get saved now, click Salvation
Read the Bible daily, pray always & grow in a good Bible based Church.
For anything & everything ask Jesus, He will answer your prayers.
Know how to pray, you can also Pray for others, Support a Prayer intercessor and be blessed.

Enjoy a happy life. May God Bless you more & more.

All Glory to God!

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