What Happens After Suicide?

What is suicide?
       A person who kills himself intentionally is called suicide.

Whappens after suicide?
       So our struggle is not against flesh and blood (human), but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Every one faces problems in life but the thought of suicide is put into human brain by evil forces.



Christian teaching on how to overcome suicide thoughts
       Click here to know more about suicide thoughts and the steps to overcome suicide thoughts.

Does God Forgive Suicide?
       Suicide is not forgiven by God. For more details visit Will God forgive suicide?

What happens after suicidal death?
       As soon as person commits suicide his spirit departs from his dead body and you cannot come back alive into the body again. The worst part is evil forces take charge of the dead persons spirit immedietly and start to torments them more and more in hell for ever. To know more details with Bible proofs please visit What happens after suicide? - This page is under construction

       Dear friend please try Jesus, He loves you and will surely help you. Please pray the sample prayer as given above and God will surely make a way for you.

       I pray to Jesus Christ The Living God to bless you with all the good things your heart desires and may you live Happy for ever.

       Glory to God


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