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In obedience to the Lord www.JustTryJesus.com was started in the year 2007 with a burden to share the good news as in the Bible about attaining salvation by just believing in Jesus Christ.
The Bible says in John 3:16(NIV)For God so loved the world that he gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.
Jesus Christ the only Son of the Living God sacrificed Himself on the cross as the ultimate holy sacrifice for the sins of all mankind. The Bible has the life giving word of God which provides solutions to all mankind. www.JustTryJesus.com presents the word of God based on the Bible to help you overcome issues in life and to reach eternal life with Jesus Christ.

View this short video and be blessed

If you Believe in Jesus Christ and had sincerely said the prayer in the above video then the Living Creator God will change your life for ever as per His promises. Welcome to the blessed eternal life, it's so easy & free like air don't lose this opportunity Jut Try Jesus. To know more click on Salvation, or ask the Lord throug prayer and He will lead you.

Salvation is essential for eternal live, It's God's Free Gift, get saved now, click Salvation
Read the Bible daily, pray always & grow in a good Bible based Church.
For anything & everything ask Jesus, He will answer your prayers.
Know how to pray, you can also Pray for others, Support a Prayer intercessor and be blessed.

Enjoy a happy life. May God Bless you more & more.

All Glory to God!

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